Jewellery and collectibles made from a photograph of your own pet

photo of bichon      jewellery made from photo of bichon

To make your choice of jewellery, collectibles or gift items even more special I can make any item for you from a photograph of your own pet.

For this service I require a good quality photograph no larger than 10x8 inches, preferably with a fairly neutral background. I can however remove unnecessary background detail and replace with a plain colour, but I suggest that, unless you have a strong preference or dislike, you leave this to my discretion, and I will use whatever shade I think sets off the image to the best advantage. I select the head and shoulders only for jewellery and other small items, but the whole animal may be used on clocks, paperweights and larger boxes if you wish.

I cannot stress strongly enough that the quality of the finished image on your chosen item depends on the quality of the photograph you send me to work from. If you have a black dog or cat it is even more critical to have a sharply focused photograph.

For this service please add £5 per item to our stock prices for each image to be used.(ie. 2 dogs on one photograph = £10.) Please print out our mail order form and mail it to us with your photograph (our address is on the order form)

Your photograph will not be harmed, and will be returned to you with your goods.

Digital photos

Best results are obtained from actual photographic prints and are the prefered medium.
If your favourite photo is only available as a digital image, I suggest that you e-mail it to me first and I will tell you if I think it is suitable to use.

Prints taken from digital photographs do not produce the best results, and are often not of a good enough quality to use. It is better to email me the image as a JPG file, or mail me the original image file on disc or CD.


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